We're people people

We’re the kind of company that’s inspired by the people around us. We celebrate individuality and all of our differences — which plays into our inclusive and fun-loving culture. We’re listeners, and we give every voice a stage. Remember, we want everyone to just be themselves. Our hearts are gigantic, and this love for people radiates from Tangerine into the community.


Organizations we love to support

At Tangerine, we’re not just developers; we’re community builders through and through. Our passion lies in making a meaningful impact in the neighborhoods we call home. Supporting local businesses and community projects isn’t just part of our mission—it’s the very heart of what we do. Together, we aim to create spaces where people can be themselves, and live better.

Tangerine Developments Team

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Our love for people influences every single decision we make — and we’re not just talking about homeowners. We operate within a culture of collaboration and respect. We’re Tangerine. Come and join our team!